I’m a reactive creative, resigned designer.
︎and I like anagrams.

Hi there, 👋

An Egg Foraging Folklore.

A curious mind is not just a young mind.

A project about an Egg Foraging folklore to ignite the imagination we lose as we grow out of childhood. In current society, research has found that due to the internet and technology we are numbing our ability to imagine more and more. Our imagination is vital for everything we do, create and solve.

The Golden Egg.

Using my childhood drawings and when I was most imaginative; I created eggs to communicate the 3 rules of imagination. This Golden egg is a reflection of this point in time and how I saw myself.

Rule 1. Environment.

My childhood cat sitting in the garden.

Rule 2. Memories.

My memory of a great funfair ride.

Rule 3. Inherent Nature.

A collage of a house that I knew humans live in.

Saturday June 12 2021