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Pigeon Feeders.

w/ Euphemia Franklin, Jacob Tomes & Oliver Page

“They’ve got wings, but they do walk a lot.” - Karl Pilkington

Kingston War Memorial Garden is a small park occupied by Lunch-goers and a flock of Pigeons. For this park we wanted the Lunch-goers to enjoy and accept they are sharing with the Pigeons. Therefore we created three Pigeon Feeders of different levels for lunch goers to feed and share their food with the pigeons.

1. Come Here Pigeons

This game is for the people who don’t see pigeons as the rats of the sky.

2. Give Us Some Space!

This game is for everyone who enjoys feeding them but doesnt want them too near their lunch.

3. Get Those Pigeons Away From Me!!

This is for the Lunch-goers who would rather pigeons didn’t exist.

Saturday June 12 2021